Most of us assume we can handle indoor pests with a little bait and some elbow grease, but what should you do when these blood-sucking bugs show up in your bed?

bed bug crawling on furniture

Bed bugs are becoming more common in the Kingston area. Hitchhiking from place to place and person to person, it is impossible to determine just where these nuisance pests will strike next. Although they are incredibly small, these ¼ inch pests are still visible with the naked eye. Their dark brown to rusty-red bodies are flat and oval-shaped. They are usually seen in beds, pillows, upholstery, and in the seams of luggage.

Bed bugs are not known to spread diseases, but they are capable of causing anemia and insomnia in their victims. Because of their inability to cause physical illness, many individuals underestimate the damage these creatures create. When faced with an infestation, many homeowners decide to try the impossible: get rid of bed bug infestations on their own.

Reasons Why DIY Bed Bug Elimination In Kingston Doesn’t Work

One of the most common reasons why homeowners try to DIY their bed bug infestation is money. “Why not save a little,” they reason, “and give it a go alone?” Unfortunately, this line of reasoning rarely leads to a happy ending. In fact, it may just end up making things worse.

  • Essential Oils: Many homeowners try rubbing themselves or their homes in fragrant oils, but this will do little to abate hungry bed bugs. Rough Cost: $100 
  • Mattress Casings: Wrapping your entire bed up in plastic may help to reduce the number of bugs inside your mattress, but it won’t necessarily stop the bites. Rough Cost: $50 per bed

When factoring in time and aggravation, as well as the fact that these methods will likely not eliminate the entire infestation, DIY bed bug strategies can be put down as a waste of time and money. Concerned that what you’re doing may fall into one of these categories? Get a home inspection through Pestmaster® Services for help.

Why Pestmaster® Service's Bed Bug Control Program Is Better Than DIY

Although DIY prevention may help to eliminate some bed bugs, it will not be enough to remove a rooted infestation. Some bugs may be eliminated during the application, but it is likely that most of the population will continue to grow and thrive. That’s why so many residents of the Kingston area turn to Pestmaster® Services' incredible bed bug control program.

The Pestmaster® Services' bed bug control program is more than a simple fix for insect-infested homes. By approaching each home with a customized plan of action, infestations are rooted out and eliminated. Because of the high level of effectiveness, the long-term results of the bed bug program are much more affordable than DIY treatments. It saves an enormous amount of physical labor and out-of-pocket expenditures per year.

For additional help with bed bug prevention and elimination, contact the professionals at Pestmaster® Services right away. Comprised of hardworking men and women from a hand-picked team, our pest service agents are in a class all their own. Call the pros at Pestmaster® Services immediately to get started with the bed bug control program that started it all. To have questions answered from the comfort of your own home, get in touch with an agent through our online contact form. We’re passionate about keeping your home clean and clear, no matter the pest problem.

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