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Professional Pest Control In Harriman, NY

Located in New York’s Orange County, the quaint town of Harriman offers charming local eateries, shops, and parks. And with its highly rated public schools and access to New York City, people have flocked to Harriman with good reason. With its Southern New York State location, the area experiences four key seasons, with a mild fall and spring, chilly winter, and warm summer. This idyllic change of seasons is enjoyed by humans and pests alike, but pests don’t have to be a problem. 

Since 1994, Pestmaster® Services has been providing the Harriman area with the highest quality eco-friendly pest control solutions, proving that treatments don’t have to be harsh to be effective. We are fully committed to our clients' success, which is why we guarantee all of our services, certify and background check our technicians, and offer superior customer service. Contact us today to keep your Harriman property safe and free from pests. 

Home Pest Control In Harriman, NY

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Pests can plague your Harriman property both in structural damage and risks posed to your health. But that’s why there’s Pestmaster® Services. For more than 25 years, we’ve been servicing Harriman homeowners with eco-friendly pest control solutions that are gentle on your health, property, and the environment. From the beginning, our technicians are dedicated to understanding the entire scope of your pest problems, and will identify either how infestations are occurring or how they could develop. 

Together, we’ll work to develop a treatment and follow-up plan that suits your unique needs and that will ensure that pests don’t return. With unparalleled customer service, highly trained technicians, and a commitment to the environment, we’re able to provide Harriman homeowners with the pest control services that they deserve. Contact us today for customized eco-friendly home pest control you can count on. 

Five Things You Didn't Know About Bed Bugs In Harriman

Bed bugs are a pervasive pest that could find their way into your Harriman property at any given time. Here are five things that you might not know about bed bugs:

  1. Bed bugs can live anywhere. While most people associate them with secondhand furniture, bed bugs can be found in hotels, movie theaters, and public transportation.

  2. They’re parasitical hitchhikers. Bed bugs get around by latching onto a host, like your clothes after travel or via other pests, and go for a free ride into your home or place of business.

  3. They are sturdy. Did you know that bed bugs can survive for up to three months without a blood meal? This gives them little incentive to move along from your home.

  4. Bed bugs like their privacy. Upon finishing a blood meal, bed bugs will move along to a quiet place for up to two weeks in order to mate and lay eggs.

  5. They’re not always gone. If you’ve had a bed bug infestation and have treated it, they’re not necessarily gone. If you’ve had an infestation, you should continue to keep your mattress covered in case there were any stragglers left behind.

For bed bug control that you can count on, contact Pestmaster® Services today. 

What You Can Do To Keep Flies Out Of Your Harriman Kitchen

Flies are small, annoying pests that can infiltrate your kitchen within a brief period of time. Here are a few ways you can keep them out for good:

  • Keep your outside clean. Maintaining tidy outdoor living spaces, disposing of pet feces, and keeping garbage bins stored securely is key.

  • Make sure window screens and door sweeps are intact.

  • Clean garbage cans thoroughly and make sure there's no remaining food residue on cans or lids.

  • Keep your sinks and drains clean. Food residue can attract flies and other pests.

For the safest, most effective protection against flies, contact Pestmaster® Services today.. 

Six Things You May Not Know About The Raccoons In Harriman

With their furry bodies, small ears, and big eyes, raccoons might be considered cute, if not for their destructive habits. Here are six things that you might not know about the raccoons that live in Harriman:

  1. The black striping underneath a raccoon’s eyes actually helps them see better.

  2. They also "see" with their hands, as their front paws have four times more sensory receptors than their back paws.

  3. Raccoons are very crafty problem solvers, so they prove difficult to outsmart when it comes to keeping your trash out of their reach.

  4. They will bite or scratch if they feel threatened.

  5. Raccoons are common carriers of rabies and other diseases, so they pose a significant health risk to humans.

  6. During fall, raccoons will try to find safe shelter in advance of the winter months.

For raccoon control on your Harriman property, contact Pestmaster® Services today.