Schenectady, NY  Pest Control

Professional Pest Control In Schenectady, NY 

Sharing a name with Schenectady County, our city is located just north of New York’s capital. And while we tend to think of warmer places as having higher pest activity, the truth is that even northern-laying communities can be at great risk of an infestation. Harsher winters with snow and chill mean that pests have to seek shelter indoors, making human homes and businesses the best places to target. This is why local property owners have to know how to address pest control risks early and quickly turn to professionals to remove an infestation. 

Home Pest Control In Schenectady, NY

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Most people don’t think about how common pest concerns can be for homeowners. Every house and apartment attracts pests because every residence has the factors that they need to survive. With easy access to food, water, and shelter, human homes have everything pests seek. That’s why you can’t wait around for an infestation to occur before thinking about residential pest control. Instead, you should be proactive by turning to the experts at Pestmaster® Services.

We can help with all of the following:

  • Free Inspection: We check your property for free, evaluating your pest risk level and making sure you know the full scope of a problem or potential for problems.
  • Customized Treatments: We then craft a treatment plan that fits your property and your budget. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach because no two homes are exactly alike.
  • Specialty Pest Control: We offer effective specialty treatments for the trickier pest populations that might be dangerous or especially difficult to eliminate.

Don’t take chances when it comes to protecting your Schenectady home from pests. Get started on overall residential pest control today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Schenectady, NY

For every home that experiences a pest problem, you can bet that there’s a local business where that pest population either first started or will quickly move to. Commercial properties have a higher risk of pest activity simply because of all the human activity that goes on day in and day out. This is why local business owners and public properties have to make sure they take proper precautions for commercial pest control. At Pestmaster® Services, we help these kinds of properties deal with and prevent pest infestations:

  • Educational: Schools and other places where daily learning can be prime targets for pests because meals are often consumed on the premises, and there is no end of storage spaces for them to use as hiding spots.
  • Healthcare: Doctor’s offices and hospitals also have many storage areas, but they also have linens and furniture that pests like bed bugs crave.
  • Warehouses: Speaking of ample storage areas, warehouses are a property designed around storing goods. Food storage facilities are especially vulnerable, but all kinds of warehouses can fall victim to pests.

Whether you own these kinds of businesses or something else, let Pestmaster® Services protect your property today. Get started on commercial pest control by contacting us or visiting us online. 

What To Do When The Wildlife Show Up In Your Schenectady Yard

In northern New York state, we have plenty of woodlands and elevation. These factors mean that our communities run right alongside the natural world and the habitat where nuisance wildlife can migrate from. Simply put, wildlife can end up in our yards, and larger game can lead to more significant pest problems. Wildlife like deer can destroy yards and carry ticks or fleas onto your property. Raccoons can root around in your outdoor trash cans and thrive off of the scraps they find. That’s why if you see wildlife in your Schenectady yard, you should contact the professionals right away. At Pestmaster® Services, we offer wildlife management and removal services that take care of the problem and the factors around your property that might be causing it. Better yet, we can assist you with preventing wildlife concerns in the first place. So contact us today to get started on wildlife management in Schenectady. 

Why Rodents Are A Serious Concern In Schenectady

People often overlook how common and serious of a problem rodents can be. Rats and mice both invade human homes and structures, nesting in the voids of property and surviving on the food scraps they can find lying around or inside trash cans. And the longer a rodent population sticks around, the more it can lead to other problems.

Here are the main reasons why proper rodent control is so essential:

  • Damage: Rodents chew nonstop thanks to their front teeth that never stop growing. They file them down by chewing on anything and everything they can fit into their mouths, leading to extensive property damage.
  • Disease: Rodents also lead to diseases or parasites like ticks and fleas. They demonstrate why proper pest control is a matter of public safety.
  • Population: Like all pests, mice and rats can reproduce quickly and in multiple waves per year. This is why you must quickly clamp down on an infestation.

Avoid these concerns entirely by turning to the rodent control offerings at Pestmaster® Services today.