Hudson, NY Pest Control

Comprehensive Pest Management In Hudson, NY

Hudson, NY is a beautiful little city just 45 miles south of the state capital, Albany. With the Hudson River running right along the eastern side of town, our climate is characterized by high levels of humidity throughout the year. Excess moisture brings about nuisance pest activity, and that puts your Hudson property at risk of experiencing pest infestation. The best protection you can get from potential pest activity is ongoing services from the pest professionals.

Pestmaster® Services is your go-to source for pest control with ‘environmentality’. We take an interrelated approach to pest control, taking into account the way pests interact with one another and the environment they live in. With an expert entomologist on staff, our treatment plans are always customized to meet the specific needs of your property and your particular infestation. Contact us today to get your free quote and schedule your inspection.

Home Pest Control In Hudson, NY

street view of a home in hudson new york

Living in the Hudson Valley is filled with so much beauty, but there are also some ugly realities that we need to face. Nuisance pests are eager to get into your house, looking for sources of food, moisture, and shelter.

When you experience a household pest infestation, you and your loved ones are put in harm’s way. It’s a good idea to secure help from pest professionals.

Here at Pestmaster® Services, we offer extensive residential pest control services that cover your home from nuisance pests all year long. We use the latest products and technologies to bring you the best eco-friendly, effective, and green pest solutions around.

We’ve been protecting local residences from pest infestation for over 40 years, so you can feel comfortable knowing you’re in the best possible hands. Contact us today to discuss your residential pest control needs. 

Commercial Pest Control In Hudson, NY

Owning a business in Hudson is never boring. On top of all the little, everyday details that you need to worry about, pest infestation is a real threat that should be addressed. Pest activity threatens every aspect of your operation: your employees, your inventory, your building, and your reputation, which is why your commercial facility would greatly benefit from ongoing pest control services from the professionals.

Pestmaster® Services offers commercial pest control solutions to a long list of properties, such as restaurants, healthcare facilities, hotels, schools, and many others. In addition to general pest control, we offer specialized services for vegetation management, risk reduction and mitigation, aquatic weed and algae control, decontamination, and health-related vector control. We use verified, environmentally friendly pest control products in tandem with trusted IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solutions to tackle your pest problem at its core.

Our veteran-owned and operated company puts all our employees through high-level training to bring you the absolute best services possible. We are proud GSA approved pest control providers and members of the Professional Service Council. Contact us today to set up your complimentary inspection.

Why You Need To Control Wildlife On Your Hudson, NY Property

Upstate New York is known for a diverse presence of various wildlife species. From deer and squirrels to raccoons and skunks, your Hudson property is vulnerable to nuisance wildlife activity.

Here are some of the consequences of a wildlife infestation:

  • Attacking domestic animals

  • Contamination through urine and feces

  • Costly property damage

  • Destabilization of your structure

  • Destruction and contamination of the insulation

  • Destruction of your yard and/or garden

  • Invasion of the kitchen in search of food

  • Nesting within the home

  • Noise and scavenging behavior

  • Scattering of garbage and trash

  • Transmission of harmful diseases

The best protection you have from the dangers of wildlife infestation is help from the pest professionals. Pestmaster® Services has dealt with all kinds of New York wildlife, and we’re ready to handle your situation, whatever it is. Your safety is our number one priority. Call us for all of your wildlife control needs.

Learn How To Identify Bed Bug Activity In Hudson, NY

It’s not easy to discover a bed bug infestation. These nocturnal pests wait until we’re asleep to emerge from their hiding areas and feed on our blood. They’re also tiny in size, making them extremely hard to spot. There are some common signs you can be on the lookout for, however.

Bed bugs often leave behind eggshell casings and rusty, excrement spots around harborage areas. You're also likely to find little blood stains on your bedding and linens. These are left behind after a bed bug is finished feeding for the night. Another indication of bed bug activity is waking up in the morning with little, red bites that appear in a linear formation. That’s usually indicative of a larger infestation that should be addressed right away.

If you suspect any bed bug activity in your Hudson home and/or business, the most effective plan of action is to contact the team at Pestmaster® Services. We provide proven bed bug treatments that guarantee the complete extermination of all bed bug activity. Reach out to us today to learn more.